Greg Bear's amazing slideshow for City at the End of Time, a novel set at the death of the universe

Eileen sez, "This cool home-grown slide show that Greg Bear made for his new novel, CITY AT THE END OF TIME (which is hitting the shelves today, from Del Rey/Orion) is an example of what a motivated writer can do with a camera, a few Photoshop chops, and generous splash of suspenseful pacing. It looks like the trailer for a very classy science-fiction movie. The book is set in Seattle, where Greg lives, so he (and his wife Astrid) took a few photos of local streets and alleys, P-shopped 'em until they looked alien and ominous, and stitched them together. Greg and his kids, Erik and Alex, also wrote and designed the rest of the site, and Erik created the music for the slide show. It's tough to impress me with slick marketing, but this low-tech trailer made my fingers itch to get my hands on the book. "

City at the End of Time slideshow,

City at the End of Time on Amazon

Update: Greg adds, "Erik did not do the music–that's Creative Commons work downloaded by Terran McCanna, who did the animation and additional website artwork and graphics. Astrid helped with research and photography. Alexandra is blogging as Hope Hodgson, and we invite contributions of artwork and dreams of the far future. Erik did a Flickr photolog which we're also using on Moo cards we're handing around at Worldcon. Plus buttons, of course."