Lost: condom mobile

The "Condomovil," an HIV/AIDS awareness vehicle, has been stolen in Mexico City. The truck's cargo included 5,000 condoms, 800 HIV tests, and a 22-foot inflatable rubber. From the Associated Press:

The co-ordinator of an HIV/Aids awareness tour, Polo Gomez, said on Wednesday that the "Condomovil" was parked in front of a friend's house in Mexico City when it disappeared on Sunday evening…

The truck should be easy to spot. It features painted images of a peeled banana, the exposed part shaped like a condom, and a shirtless man saying: "I protect myself. Do you?"

Stolen: condom mobile (via Fortean Times)

UPDATE: Commenter DIEGOV notes that the Condomovil has just been located, sans condoms and other gear.