Recycling egg

Over on Boing Boing Gadgets, our John's found these superb recycling egg multi-trash-cans:

The Ovetto Recycling Egg is an expensive, dual-slot trash can that, for $250, allows for the separation of plastic and aluminum in one receptacle… a goal which can just as easily be accomplished for the price of a couple $5 trash buckets. But you aren't paying for the function, you're paying for the design, and who amongst us does not want to turn our kitchen into the microcosmic eating lounge of Aperture Science, with helpful (albeit homicidal) recycling eggs (oviposited by glorious GLaDOS herself) pristinely hovering about, electronically warbling invitations to deposit our spare cans, or perhaps just our spleens, in their plastic, opalescent bellies?

Look at me still talking when there's recycling to do: Ovetto Recycling Eggs,

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