Freehands, gloves for cold weather gadget twiddling


My friend Josh Rubin has gone from hunting cool things to making them: he's launched a new set of gloves called the "Freehands" with flip-back fingers that make it possible to use your gadgets without taking off your gloves. Magnets in the fingertips match to others above the knuckles to keep the fingertips back out of the way.

This may seem a bit superfluous to those of you who drive cars to work, but for city folk it solves a common problem. It's a pain in the ass to have to strip off your gloves and hold them in your teeth or pocket just to dial a phone number or change a song.

There are three different versions: a leather set for $40; a stretchy nylon and micro-fleece set for $30; and a basic fleece pair for $20.

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