Superstruct: massively multiplayer forecasting game

A couple weeks ago, my colleagues at Institute for the Future launched Superstruct, an alternate reality game set in the year 2019. In the game world, 2019 is a pretty intense time to be a human. Our species could be wiped out in just 23 years by a variety of superthreats, like disease, food shortages, environmental devastation, and power struggles (er, unbelievable as that may sound). Superstruct is an opportunity to imagine how we might solve global problems, if we can solve them. The game will be played for another month and you can join any time. From the Superstruct FAQ:


Q: What does "superstruct" mean?
Su`per`struct´ v. t. 1.To build over or upon another structure; to erect upon a foundation.
Superstructing is what humans do. We build new structures on old structures. We build media on top of language and communication networks. We build communities on top of family structures. We build corporations on top of platforms for manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. Superstructing has allowed us to survive in the past and it will help us survive the super-threats…

Q: How do I play Superstruct?
A: Superstruct is played on forums, blogs, videos, wikis, and other familiar online spaces. We show you the world as it might look in 2019. You show us what it's like to live there. Bring what you know and who you know, and we'll all figure out how to make 2019 a world we want to live in.