Obfuscated code contest with Safari Books Online prize!

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As we posted a couple weeks ago, one of our newest sponsors is Safari Books Online, the outfit that offers a digital library of tech books from publishers like O'Reilly, Apress, and Addison-Wesley. As part of Safari's sponsorship, they offered BB readers one month free online access to any of the following books: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Learning Perl, and Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML.

As mentioned previously, we thought it would also be a hoot to hold a contest based on what you might learn from those books. As a prize, Safari offered up a year of access to the complete Safari Books Online library, a $515 value. So now the contest… In Learning Perl, the authors write the following:

"Though we recommend you write clear code, some people like writing code that's as hard to understand as possible… We don't recommend it for normal coding purposes, but it can be a fun game to write confusing code…"

So in that spirit, we are holding an obfuscated code contest. To enter, come up with a wonderfully obfuscated code snippet that
prints out the phrase "Boing Boing." Post the snippet in the comments thread. Then, we'll pick a winner with the shortest, most elegant, or creative bit of code. The snippets have to be executable!

You have 24 hours from now, after which time we'll lock the comments thread. The winner will be announced here on November 19. Good luck!

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