High-quality reproductions of Tenniel's colored Alice illustrations

White Rabbit Press is taking orders for a luscious set of prints reproducing the Tenniel illustrations from "The Nursery Alice," signed by one of Lewis Carroll's descendants and one of Alice's, too (as well as a noted Alice scholar).

"The Nursery Alice", originally published in 1890, was the only edition of "Alice" that Sir John Tenniel ever coloured, with twenty illustrations drawn from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", combined with a new text, adapted by Lewis Carroll for young children.

White Rabbit Press is proud to announce the finest colour reproductions ever made of Tenniel's "Alice", with this exquisite, museum-quality Limited Edition of 500 prints of Sir John Tenniel's renowned 20 colour illustrations, including cover art by Emily Gertrude Thomson.

White Rabbit Press

(Thanks, Lorna!)