Atompunk: fetishizing the atomic age

Atompunk: a new Dutch movement dedicated to the appreciation of atomic-age aesthetics. They're having an exhibition in Amsterdam next September:

About Atompunk the cultural period 1945-1965,

Atompunk is a strictly pre-digital period, but it includes mid-century Modernism, the "Atomic Age," the "Space Age," and, especially, lots of Communism and communism paranoia in the USA. Communist analog atompunk is an ultimate lost world.

Sovjet styling, underground cinema, Googie architectuur, Space and Sputnik, moonlanding, superhero-comi, art & radioactivity, the rise of the US military/industrial complex & the fall-out of Tsjernobyl

Here Comes "Atompunk." And It's Dutch. So there

Update: Michael Reeve sends in this reminder of the Victoria & Albert Museum's Cold War Weekend starting tomorrow in London!