Wolfenstein casemod

Casemodder Sheyr produced this stunning Castle Wolfenstein-themed PC, called the FuG-01/ET. It features a field phone, bullet-holes (!), and has a matching keyboard and mouse. Bravo!

Besides the side-mounted telephone one of the most striking features on this case are the dual electric gauges. One measures amperage, the other core voltages. This can be implementing by simply buying some cheap multimeters that use a needle, mounting them into the case and attaching their leads to the system's power inputs.

As with many of the case mods I've covered the modder has once again taken the time to "distress" the paint job and give it a used look. This can be done simply by sanding the existing finish on a case, but for a great look you can apply a couple coats of slightly different colored spray paint (say, dark gray and light gray) and then sand certain areas to reveal the layers. The bullet holes are a great addition, it really lends to the feel of the unit.

I realize the "distressed paint" theme has shown up in several of my Best PC Mod picks… I guess it's because Make asked me to pick out the mods I personally found interesting, not necessarily the most complex or fancy. In my online journeys I've seen plenty of awesome mods, many award-winning, but to be honest if I didn't find them visually appealing I passed them over for this series.

Benheck's PC Mod Pick of the Day – Wolfenstein PC!

(via Wonderland)