How copyright term extension really works — video rebuts record companies demand for more copyright in Europe

Becky Hogge from the Open Rights Group sez,

After UK music collecting society people put out a video asking Gordon Brown to nearly double the term of copyright protection afforded to sound recordings in the EU, we thought we'd fight back.

Here, for your delectation is, "How copyright term extension really works". It includes the sad fact that most artists could receive as little as 50 (euro) cents from sales associated with the extended term, and may even be worse off when it comes to royalties from radio airplay. And yet the major labels – who continue to tout this flawed policy as a way to help starving artists – will pocket millions.

Those Europeans who want to do something about this, should write to their MEPs (UK, rest of Europe) and ask them to attend our European Parliament lobbying event.

How copyright extension in sound recordings actually works

(Thanks, Becky!)