Architectural sketches from alternate Alien 3 film

 2009 02 A3-15

In 1990, Lebbeus Woods worked as a "conceptual architect" for Alien 3. Apparently, this was not the Alien³ that actually got made but rather one that was to be directed by Vincent Ward. Woods has posted several of his concept sketches online. From his accompanying blog post:

The story of the Ward movie was radically different, though it deployed the same basic characters, in that the setting was a religious colony that had escaped the earth and inhabited an abandoned commercial facility deep in space. They had adopted a Medieval way of life, without electricity or modern technology. The Ripley-Alien drama was to be played out inside this crumbling, artificial world. Under Ward's direction, this would have become something highly original, a movie in which the architecture would have had a central part.

Alien Past (Thanks, Mark Dery!)