First Superman comic up for bid

Tomorrow, the holy grail of comic book collectors will go up for auction. An "unrestored" copy of Action Comics #1 (1938), the first appearance of Superman, is expected to sell for $400,000. Comic Connect is hosting the auction on behalf of an unnamed seller. The actual cover is seen in the photo below. Don't miss the priceless "WTF!" expression on the guy's face at the lower left; that image has stuck with me since I was a little kid and first saw a reprint of this. From CNN:

 Data Image Gallery Act1.6061A
"Of the 100 existing copies, 80 percent have been restored, but people want an untouched copy," (Comic Connect owner Stephen) Fishler said. The book is listed in "fine" condition, a six on the 10-point rating scale…

Co-created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the comic book first appeared on newsstands for 10 cents a copy in June 1938.

Nearly 12 years later, a young boy on the West Coast found himself in a secondhand book store, where he persuaded his dad to loan him 35 cents to buy the comic book.

Until 1966, the owner forgot about the book, which was hidden in his mother's basement. Since then, he's been holding onto it, hoping to see it increase in value, Fishler said. He has not been disappointed.

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