The Simonsound: space age-inspired mood music

I've posted previously about the fantastic sound artist Simon James, creator of the otherworldly audio accompanying Ken Hollings's Welcome To Mars radio series (and book) and also the sound designer for Ian Helliwell's audio history of electronic music, Tone Generation. Simon just emailed me about his latest musical project, The Simonsound, and provided a link to one of their tracks, Bakers Dozen. It's fantastic. Simon writes:

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We make 50's and 60's space music, library/mood music and a hint of psych. We just released our first single which is a switched on/moog cover of Jimmy Castor Bunch's 'Its Just Begun'. The original has legendary status due to its popularity with the hip hop b-boy crowd who dug its heavy drums and breakdowns. Our version is heavily
inspired by the Switched On craze of the late 60's/70's which saw a whole host of silly Moog cover albums – most of them pretty poor apart from the odd album by Dick Hyman.

We have an album on the way all of which is recorded using tape and old analog gear…

And of course there is the free 60 minute mix 'The Simonsound Transmission' available from our website. It features music from pioneering electronic composer Fred Judd, Canadian pop-psych group The Sugar Shoppe and British jazz artist Bob Downes amongst further library mood music, spaced out rock and electronics.

The Simonsound "Bakers Dozen"