Flammable water

So much natural gas is leaking into a Fort Lupton, Colorado couple's water well that they can light it on fire as it flows from their bathroom sink. From CBS4Denver.com:

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The Colorado Oil and Gas Commission leaders say it's tried to find the origin of the leak. Director Dale Neslin says "We've looked at well compilation reports, taken gas samples to look for a match, done pressure testing and we've not been able to find the well that appears to be causing the problem."

The Ellsworths say they approached Noble Energy and Anadarko Petroleum – the two companies that operate the nearby wells – and begged for help. They say the companies initially refused to do anything. But, at the urging of the Oil and Gas Commission, they have now agreed to put in a water treatment system at the home.

Flammable Water Found In Ft. Lupton Home (via Fortean Times)