CodeCon: biohacks and running code, San Francisco, Apr 17-19

Ben "OpenSSL" Laurie sez, "Wonder if Codecon might be of interest to your readers – always a fun conference, the basis has always been 'bring working code', though not necessarily open source. This year adds a new twist with 'or bring working biohacks' which I think is going to be fascinating – if only I didn't have to be somewhere else!

Anyway, I was on the program committee and I think we have a pretty interesting lineup this year.

Cheap ($82.50)! Only guaranteed to get in if you buy in advance!"

CodeCon 2009
San Francisco
April 17-19, 2009
2050 Bryant Street

15:15 BioHack! – Homebrew Genetic Testing – Read your own source code – at home!
15:45 Q&A
16:00 Helios Voting – The first and only web-based voting system that enables voters to verify their vote and the overall tally with cryptographic certainty.
16:30 Q&A
16:45 Switzerland – a semi-P2P system for detecting forged and modified IP packets between clients

CodeCon 2009

(Thanks, Ben!)