Katamari Damacy multiplayer game coming to Korea — Boing Boing Offworld

Over on Boing Boing Offworld, our Brandon brings world of the long-awaited multiplayer online version of Katamari Damacy — Korean-only, alas.

Just when it'd almost fully receded from your memory (the last we heard of it was in January of 2007), andriasang notes a new article on the Korean-exclusive massively multiplayer Katamari Damacy Online.

Unfortunately, the update only goes so far as to profile two new playable cousin characters, and a vague storyline, as translated by andriasang, that concerns "a black hole that forms after the King decides to hold a picnic," which players will seal off with their rolled up katamari.

The game is apparently, though, due for release in Korea this year by local external developer Windysoft, with no word from anyone on when or how or if it might make it out of that country.

Two years later: new details on the long-dormant Katamari Damacy Online

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