Stabbing pen, the competition

The Tuffwriter: a pen for stabbing people with (not to be confused with the the KZ Xtreme Defense Pen) (also for stabbing people).

From Marines hunting terrorists in burning deserts, SAR expeditions in bone chilling mountains, SWAT officers executing high risk warrant service, EMTs functioning in extreme conditions, or a civilian working in a non-permissive environment. All of these special operations groups have something in common – they all require a pen that they can depend on…

Q: What exactly is a tactical / defense pen?

A: It's a pen designed to be as reliable and durable as the people using it. A writing implement as well as a last ditch defensive tool that you can bring virtually anywhere and have with you at all times. The Tuff-Writer tactical / defense pen is an essential piece of gear for anyone who needs tools that they can depend on.


(via Beyond the Beyond)