Design kick-ass multimedia, win a paid internship at CERN

Joao sez, "I work for the ATLAS experiment at CERN, the biggest and most complex of the devices within the Large Hadron Collider.
We are organizing a multimedia contest for artsy-geeky people, offering the winner a paid internship at CERN, where she/he will have the opportunity to show off her/his science communication skills, documenting the experiment and producing more awesome multimedia.
We'll spread it around with full credit to the author.
Alternatively, if the winner prefers, we'll offer instead an Adobe Production Suite package."

CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, birthplace of the World Wide Web and home of the famous Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has a great opportunity for you. We are about to kick-start the most complex scientific project ever conceived by mankind, and would like you to witness and record its unveiling, and help us spread the news.

We want you to start by showing us your communication and creative skills by producing an original short film or multimedia piece, incorporating material about ATLAS, the biggest experiment on the LHC. The best submissions will be posted on the ATLAS website and YouTube page with full credit to the author, and enter a competition for a paid internship at CERN or alternatively win a Adobe Production Suite package. The winner will be offered a trip to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and given exclusive access to scientists working on the project as well as all the equipment and expertise in CERN's audiovisual lab.

What we want from you is your unbridled creativity. In return, we offer a chance to experience history in the making, and a global platform for your work as the world's eyes look towards CERN this fall. To apply, read the official rules and register below. What are you waiting for?

The deadline is July 31, so lights, Camera, Action!

ATLAS/CERN Multimedia Contest and Intern Program:

(Thanks, Joao!)