Build Your Own Paper Robots: book with CD that turns into a badass articulated robot army

Today I discovered — joy of joys — a new, sweet indie bookstore near my office, Clerkenwell Tales, in London's Exmouth Market (02077138135). The stock is still filling in, but as a former bookseller and confirmed bookstore junkie, I was delighted by what I saw.

Case in point: Julius Perdana and Josh Buczynski's Build Your Own Paper Robots, a handsome hardback volume with an included CDROM featuring printable designs for 14 kick-ass articulated papercraft robots. Also included are scalable, layer-separated line-art versions of the bots, so that you can render them bigger or smaller, and color them to your own taste, assembling printable robot armies with your printer, some card-stock and glue.

Clerkenwell Tales had a few copies left after I snagged one (and plenty more to like besides), but if you're not anywhere near London, there's also some copies available at Amazon UK.

Build Your Own Paper Robots

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