Last Galapagos Pinta turtle finally knocks up a mate's eggs

RJ sez, "Poor old Lonesome George, the last remaining living example of the Galapagos Pinta turtle looks set to finally become a dad at the ripe old age of almost one hundred (no one is sure exactly how old he is).

This follows a false start last year when the suddenly horny George and his two Hispanola (the closest relative to the Pinta) lady companions produced around a dozen eggs that unfortunately did not incubate. Like any young couple(s) trying for kids, they didn't let this false start deter them and it looks very much as if the five eggs they have produced this year may well hatch.

Fingers crossed!"

Lonesome George to Finally be a Father?

(Image: Lonesome George 2, a CC Attribution photo from Mike Weston's Flickr stream)