Steampunk dystopian Disneyland game — Offworld

Over on Offworld, our Brandon's spotted something custom-made to make me slaver: concept art for a steampunk dystopian Disney parks game called Epic Mickey:

The project — a trip through a fantastical dystopian Magic Kingdom — is being headed by former Deus Ex designer Warren Spector, whose studio was acquired by Disney in 2007 (and who explained why this was such a perfect match in an interview with me at the time). The game was first confirmed to exist last December, when similar images were discovered by artist Gary Glover, including the 'beach attack' above, with its unbelievable Seven Dwarves tea-cup diggers.

Behind the fold, then, more images from both Gambino and Glover, covering rotted Epcots, foreboding Cinderella castles, terrifying scorpion-like mecha-Country Bears, and more — all of which come with the obvious caveat that they may or may not reflect anything of the current state of the project.

Gallery: the broke-down steampunk dystopian Magic Kingdom of Epic Mickey

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