Sinclair Sovereign

These may look like Bang & Olufsen TV remote controls from the 1980s but they're actually Sinclair Sovereign LED calculators from 1977. Sadly, the Sovereign was a market failure due in part to the nearly simultaneous domination of the category by its technology successor, the LCD calculator. From Planet Sinclair:

 Sinclair Calculators Images Sov Gold Silver

Named patriotically for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977, the Sinclair Sovereign was an attempt to break out of the bottom end of the calculator market and recapture the top end. It was one of the better-engineed Sinclair calculators and was very well-designed - so much so, in fact, that Sinclair designer John Pemberton won a Design Council Award for it. It was available in a satin chrome finish or plated in silver or gold. A few limited edition silver Sovereigns inscribed to commemorate the Silver Jubilee were also produced. Sinclair even produced two in solid gold!

Sinclair Sovereign (1977) (Thanks, Rob Beschizza!)