Animated electronic zombie head that drinks the blood that oozes out of its eyesocket

Frank sez, "Looking for a Halloween decoration? Place this on your table and watch it pump blood from around an eye socket, flowing into the mouth, of the undead!

This Zombie Head measures 7 inches tall and it runs on standard 120v power source with an indoor adaptor. No doubt an eye-popping for your guests with this gruesome Eyeball Fountain."

I can't believe they're trying to sell this without a video of the head in action! Also: does it make gurgling, sucking, choking noises as it drinks its own blood? It says, "uses tap water," but can you put in other stuff? Rum? Chocolate? Kaopectate? Blood? Also: could you fit it with a small digital clock and a lamp so you could keep it on the bedstand?

Spinning Eyeball Fountain

Better link: Spinning Eyeball Fountain

(Thanks, Frank!)

Update:video hereThanks, Fester88!