Submit your toddler's science questions!

When I was guesting on BoingBoing last spring, my friends' son Will wanted to know whether cockroaches had a penis. I enjoyed tracking down the surprisingly complicated answer, so I thought I'd keep the theme going now that I'm on full-time. I'm hoping to answer a Science Question from a Toddler once a month, though that depends on me getting questions. Which brings me to this request: If a smallish child you know has a science question–on any topic–send it to me. I'll do my best to answer.

The child does not have to be your own. Questions do not have to be cute or "Kids Say the Darndest Things-ish" in any way. They do not even have to be current. (Baby boomers, got a query that's been nagging at you since 1975? I don't care if the toddler is now in their 30s, send the question!) All I'm looking for are things you can't answer off the top of your head and don't feel like researching yourself. Easy stuff!

Check out the first item: Do Turtles Have Eyelashes?