Missing: Phil Agre, internet scholar

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(photo by Tom Ingvards)

Phil Agre, a professor of information sciences best known since the 1990s for his seminal tech/society email lists Red Rock Eater News Service and The Network Observer, has gone missing. Apparently, Phil hasn't been seen in quite some time but his disappearance has only now been made public by a missing person notice issued by his former employer, UCLA. From the notice:

Philip Agre was reported missing by his sister who resides out of state. She indicated that she
had not seen Agre since the Spring of 2008 and that she became concerned about him when she
learned that he had abandoned his apartment and his job sometime between December 2008
and May 2009.

Philip Agre is described as a White Male, 49 years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He
sometimes wears a full beard. He is 6'0" tall and 120 lbs. Agre suffers from manic/depression.
Agre is a former UCLA Professor.

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