Pocket-sized LCD projector with media player

One snowy night while staying on the 15th floor of an anonymous Montreal business hotel, I got the sudden urge to try doing my browsing by projecting my laptop screen on the building across the road. I was doing speaker-support then, and I had our very powerful (9000 lumens?) humongous projector in my room, so I hauled it and the modem-cable out onto the balcony, put on an extra sweater, and spent an enchanting hour painting the black office tower over the road with a 40-foot-tall rendering of my screen. It was about 9PM and the snow was coming down and the whole neighborhood was deserted, so it was just me and my screen there.

Ever since, I've noodled around with ideas for things you could do with a high-powered, compact projector. That's why I found this Pico projector so suggestive: a pocket-sized device with its own media player, capable of rendering a 50" picture (how well I can't say — for all I know, it looks like crap, but the idea is fascinating). This thing could be fun, and its successors will be even more interesting.

(via DVICE)