Google gets into the YouSendIt business: send 250MB attachments with Google Docs

Google is getting into the YouSendIt business: the free Google Docs now supports file-hosting of up to 250MB, along with access-restrictions based on Google accounts (just like other Google Docs). I'm thinking the 250MB limit has more to do with keeping the MPAA happy than any kind of technical limitation. But this will be well useful — I've been tossing around big chunks of uncompressed audio for my upcoming experimental short-story collection's audiobook edition, and something like this would have been a godsend.

Because Google Docs now supports files up to 250 MB in size, which is larger than the attachment limit on most email applications, you'll be able to backup large graphics files, RAW photos, ZIP archives and much more to the cloud. More importantly, instead of carrying a USB drive, you can now use Google Docs as a more convenient option for accessing your files on different computers.

Upload your files and access them anywhere with Google Docs

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