Ron Mueck's hyperreal giants


Ron Mueck is my favorite contemporary sculptor. His massive, hyperreal figures are obsessively detailed, down to every pore and wrinkle. A new exhibition of Mueck's work opens today at Australia's National Gallery of Victoria International. From the museum:

 Ronmueck Images Artworks Exhi011031
Often naked and suspended in states of self-consciousness, introspection or deep contemplation, his figures present both emotional and physical states of exposure. As viewers we experience a level of unease that is borne of a voyeuristic awkwardness, as though we have invaded some kind of personal space. However, we also identify with the human condition these poignant moments express. Astounding in their apparent realism and compelling in their ability to invite interaction Ron Mueck's works have earned him a singular place as the creator of some of the most evocative sculptures of our time.

Ron Mueck image gallery at LIFE