Rushkoff's Digital Nation documentary tonight on PBS

BB pal Douglas Rushkoff's new Frontline documentary airs on PBS tonight. Titled "Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier," the program looks at how constant connectivity is changing the way we work, live, and think. Check local listings or watch the entire program online. From the show description:

Within a single generation, digital media and the World Wide Web have transformed virtually every aspect of modern culture, from the way we learn and work to the ways in which we socialize and even conduct war. But is the technology moving faster than we can adapt to it? And is our 24/7 wired world causing us to lose as much as we've gained?

In Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier, FRONTLINE presents an in-depth exploration of what it means to be human in a 21st-century digital world....
"In the early days of the Internet, it was easy for me to reassure people about what it would mean to bring digital technology into their lives," says Rushkoff, who has authored 10 books on media, technology and culture. "Now I want to know whether or not we are tinkering with something more essential than we realize."

Frontline: Digital Nation - Life on the Virtual Frontier