Youthful harmonica prodigies have the blues

Murray sez, "I recently launched a podcast at the UK-based harmonica website The episode here features five young players aged 14-18 (with one 22-year-old to mess up our average) who are playing WAY beyond their years… and in some cases, pushing harmonica-playing into dark scary places where it was never meant to go.

The podcast is a little ragged but the playing is great. I thought it pertinent to send this through after Roger Daltrey's shabby harp solo at last night's Super Bowl show. Any one of these kids could destroy Roger Daltrey with a single fog-horn like blast from their instrument. All he'd leave behind is a smoking pair of hush puppies."

Damn skippy: these kids are honkin' and smokin'.

Harmonica Podcast: The Kids Are Alright

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(Thanks, Murray!)