Smart auto-sorting bolt/screw/nut box

Wulf from Craftster built this uber-clever workshop-bits sorting box after getting sick of manually sorting out the buckets of loose bits of metal that built up around his shop: "At the shop where I work we just toss loose screws, bolts, nails and other bits and pieces of hardware from the workbenches and the floor into a bucket and, every couple of years when the bucket gets too full, somebody has to dump the whole mess out and sort everything back to where it belongs. When that job fell to me this Spring, I decided there had to be a better solution. So I designed a bin that would help to at least divide things by type to make the final sorting easier. Though built for an industrial situation, it would work equally well in the home craft room for jewellery findings, sewing notions, etc."

Self-sorting (sorta) bin

(via Dinosaurs and Robots)