Philip K. Dick Festival in August


 Blog 2008 12 18 Philip-K-Dick-Portait-2

David Gill of Total Dick-Head writes:

Even as you read this, preparations are underway for one of the largest gatherings of Dick-heads in history. Luckily, the Dick-heads, in this case, are fans of Philip K Dick, the counterculture's favorite science fiction writer and disheveled prophet whose dystopian futures seem more and more prescient with each passing year and whose literary reputation is on the rise ever since his inclusion in the lofty Library of America collection.

The Philip K Dick Festival is scheduled to take place in Blackhawk, Colorado (along with two other nearby towns located along scenic Highway 119) August 13, 14, and 15 of this year, and is being organized by veteran Dick-head Lord Running Clam (aka David Hyde) whose book Pink Beam: A Philip K Dick Companion is an indispensable resource for serious fans.

Tentative speakers include:

Anne Dick (PKD's third wife, author of The Search for Philip K Dick), Erik Davis (PKD scholar and author of Techgnosis), Jason Koornick (Webmaster, producer 'Next',) Patrick Clark (Author of PKD Otaku), Sam Umland (University of Nebraska at Kearny), Marleen Bar (Fordham University, author of several books on SF), and others.

Planned activities include: PKD book and panel discussions, android hunting workshops, scenic drives, a visit to PKD's grave, meeting and greeting fellow Dick-heads, and experimentation with time-binding drugs.

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