Where space shuttles may retire

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When the Space Shuttle program ends, where will they retire? A slew of museums and NASA facilities are applying for the opportunity to house one of the vehicles for public display. The Discovery is headed for the Smithsonian, but NASA has delayed the decision on Atlantis and Endeavour. CollectSPACE put together a gallery of images showing how some of the 20 organizations would like to exhibit the shuttles if they, er, land one. Above:

Tulsa, Oklahoma may not come to mind when thinking about space, but it is where the space shuttle's payload doors were assembled. The Tulsa Air and Space Museum plans to show off those doors by displaying the orbiter vertically.

"How to display a retired space shuttle" (via Submitterator)

UPDATE: Rob here. That one looks like a parking garage! Here's mine:


Based on a photo by Laurenventriello