Tea Party multi-level marketing scheme

The mellifluously named TeaPartyBizOpp.info (presumably the .com was taken?) is a pyramid scheme that recruits disgruntled wingnuts to "Get Paid To Stop Liberal Tyranny!" by "helping raise funds to defend our freedom."

TeaPartyBizOpp.Info is a for profit fundraising company – Our mission is to help raise funds to finance conservative causes, that defend our freedom, and help fight Liberal Tyranny. There are two ways we do this one is selling subscriptions to our monthly newsletter (Stopping Tyranny), and the other is our home based business opportunity – where you get paid to refer others to become subscribers to (Stopping Tyranny), your subscription comes with a home based business opportunity. You get paid on your efforts and the efforts of everyone in your organization. (The business opportunity is entirely optional), and you can make money just by selling subscriptions to our newsletter, you don't have to recruit others into the opportunity if you don't want to – it's all up to you).

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)