Russia's inflatable tanks, jets and radar installations to fool the "enemy"

Russia has invited the BBC to inspect its new inflatable arsenal — a complete range of decoy weapons and entire military installations made of inflatable plastic, intended to fool radar and satellite spy-systems and confuse the "enemy" (um, Belarusian gas pipeline hardcases? Chechen guerrillas? Kleptocrats who've lost Putin's favor? Gangsters?) whoever that might be.

On goes the pump, in goes the air and the plastic sheet begins to rise and take shape.

A turret appears, then out pops a long plastic gun barrel. This is an inflatable Russian tank.

When the men pump up their next piece of plastic, this one expands into a S-300 rocket launcher, complete with giant truck and inflatable rockets. It is a cross between a ballistic missile and a bouncy castle.

And waiting to be blown up are inflatable MiG fighter jets – even entire Russian radar stations…They are also very realistic. They are made of a special material that tricks enemy radar and thermal imaging into thinking they are real weapons.

Russia inflates its military with blow-up weapons

(via Neatorama)