Pumpkin Gutter


The Pumpking Gutter is a drill bit that is much much better at cleaning out a pumpkin than a spoon. We used the device last night to clean out 5 large pumpkins. It works very well. You can feel the device breaking up the stringy wall parts and other gut items (not sure the proper terms for these things). I had tried using a spoon and a spatula-like thing that came in a pumpkin carving kit last Friday. This was very difficult and took about the same time to do one pumpkin as 5 large pumpkins and the result was not as clean.

It is very easy to start taking chunks off the inside walls with the Pumpkin Gutter, which is usually a good thing. It's just something to be aware of while you're working the pumpkin.


It's longer than I expected from the pictures on the website. I will be storing it in my kitchen drawer. I don't know exactly what I might use it for outside of pumpkins, but any larger mixing project would be game. I was thinking an Uncle Buck style pancake mixer would do.

— Paul Knuth

Note: Here is a Youtube video showing how to use the Pumpkin Gutter. — OH

Pumpkin Gutter

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