Baa, Baa, BlackSheep, Have You Any w001?

Firesheep, meet BlackSheep. The Firesheep Firefox extension makes it a simple point-and-click operation to hijack the unsecured Web session of anyone on the same unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot network using any of a couple dozen popular sites. It was created as a demonstration of poor user data protection, but can be used maliciously, too. BlackSheep is a strange rejoinder. While I recommended here at BoingBoing that people consider using a VPN, encrypting communications with specific services, or using a secure Web proxy, Zscaler's free BlackSheep uses jiu-jitsu. It creates fake tokens and transmits them over the live network in a manner that Firesheep scans for. Then it alerts you if another system on the same network attempts to resubmit the same credentials. What you do next, I don't know. Stand up, start pointing your finger around the coffeeshop, and yell, "J'accuse!"?