LEGO® Death Star© Christmas™ tree ornament


Since several commenters mentioned that Lego pieces in a container also suffer from Brazil Nut Effect, here's something that will have you digging to the bottom of a tub for that elusive box wrench utensil. Chris McVeigh at Mint in Box has a clever Lego Death Star holiday ornament complete with detailed instructions, based on previous work by Thomas Oeschner, Bruce Lowell, and Bram Lambrecht. Quoth Chris:

One of Bram's ideas that I loved was the use of a box wrench utensil as the hook loop. Lego doesn't sell this part through Digital Designer or Pick A Brick, but if you don't have any hand, you can always buy them through Bricklink.

If you're short on time or pieces, you can also buy one of Chris' many ornaments at Creations for Charity 2010.

Lego Death Star ornament (via Brothers Brick)