KKK snowman

Inspired by the joyous holiday season, one resident of Hayden, Idaho made this delightful snowman in his front yard. And yes, that's a noose in its hand. From KXLY.com:

 2010 1201 25975010 240X180The homeowner who had the offensive snow sculpture in front of his home is Mark, who was profiled by KXLY back in July when he posted flags ranging from an Aryan Nations flag to an SS flag at his home, drawing the ire of his neighbors. Then in October he angered residents further when, according to neighbors, he passed out bullets on Halloween. Mark refuted his neighbors claims, saying he didn't actually pass out bullets, but rather he passed out bullet casings, and only did so after he ran out of candy.

A self-described white separatist, Mark, who declined to give his last name during an interview in July, said Wednesday there was nothing wrong with his snowman.

"KKK Snowman Spreads Holiday Hate In Hayden