Rogue Archivist beer

John Taylor Williams (who, incidentally, is a talented sound engineer and masters my podcasts) and Thomas "CommandLine" Gideon both volunteer for Carl Malamud's Amateur Scanning League (a project to rescue America's public domain government-funded videos and put them on the web). They're also serious beer-brewers. To commemorate the ASL and Carl's good work, they named their latest beer after him: Rogue Archivist Beer. Those are some copyfightin' suds!

Last night, I schlepped a box holding two 750ml big bottles and four small bottles to ChurchKey, about four long blocks from the Dupont Circle metro station here in DC. I was going there to meet with the senior scanners and Carl for his monthly trip. Over the course of a light dinner and several rounds of varied and interesting beers, I presented Carl with the two bigs bottles and shared the smalls with my fellow volunteers.

Pictured at the left is Carl's enthusiastic endorsement, "A damn fine beer!" We didn't open the beer, not wanting to create trouble for the venue, but I shared John's and my impressions from tasting the beer over the Thanksgiving holiday. Carl figures he will open the beer before his return to Sebastopol, most likely tonight. He mentioned the possibility of sharing the brew at an event on the Hill so I may have further, fascinating news later tonight or tomorrow.

At all events, he was incredibly happy at receiving our homage and enthusiastic at the prospect of tasting it. Given how well the beer turned out, I have no doubt John and I will make the recipe again.

Giving the Rogue Archivist to Its Namesake

(Thanks, Carl!)