Gift Idea: Wikileaks Jewlery


Having trouble figuring out what to get this holiday season for the web/media/privacy/security nerd in your life? Might I suggest the Wikileaks "Insurance" file on a swanky micro USB drive like the Pico-C? My friend SFslim suggested this on twitter the other day and I promptly jumped on the idea and bought one for myself. I love it. These little drives are super sturdy and barely looks like a piece of technology. At around $30 for the 16GB version, they offer many additional practical uses. Smaller versions are available too, but you need at least 2GB for the Wikileaks "insurance" file. I got a silver one and stuck it on a $5 stainless steel ball chain, but you could probably class it up a bit more with an "actual" jewelry-class necklace. Cypherpunks will get a kick out of this, and their friends and family will have new fodder with which to mock them.