EFF's year-in-review: 8-bit nostalgia edition

Katina from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez, "From fighting fiendish copyright trolls, to freeing your smart
phones from restrictions against jailbreaking, to helping you
take better control of your privacy on Facebook, EFF works
tirelessly for your digital rights. What better way to celebrate
than to chronicle a few of our biggest fights in 8-bit style?
These breakout victories were only possible thanks to
individuals like you, so please consider making a year-end contribution if you haven't yet done so."

I make a major donation every year to EFF (this year I gave $5,000) because I see the work they do as fundamental to keeping the Internet free and open for every other fight I care about, from Wikileaks censorship to privacy, from access to knowledge to freedom of association and freedom of the press.

Support EFF this Holiday Season!

(Thanks, Katina!)