Enfield, CT cancels screening of Moore's Sicko after pressure from local gov't

ResourceShelf has a number of links and excerpts relating to the sordid story of the Enfield, Connecticut public library being forced to cancel its showing of Michael Moore's Sicko after a few people complained to the town council, who took issue with the characterization of the film as "non-fiction."

The Connecticut Library Association believes that public libraries should be a pillar of our American democracy and that democracy depends on an informed citizenry. People should be able to go their public library to read or view a wide variety of books and films about controversial topics and then make up their minds. Censoring the choices that people have or silencing the opposition is an insult to our form of government. The public library is supposed to be a battle ground for ideas.

Public Libraries: "Connecticut Library Cancels Screening of Michael Moore Movie 'Sicko' Under Pressure"

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