Delightfully geeky 3D printed objects

Joris sez, "We collected the 6 Geekiest 3D prints we could find including a Sinsusoid Lamp made with equations, the Trabecular Bone lamp and the shadow of a Tesser Cube."

Trabecular Bone Lamp by Dimitri van Lessen. "We, human beings, are very good in creating our own new shapes and forms, but I think that the most beautiful and complex shapes are still to be found in nature itself. Now, some time ago, one of my colleagues created a 3D model of a trabecular bone. This model had such a complex and amazing internal structure that I was immediately fascinated by it. Since the moment it was made, I always thought this would be a cool model to use as a lamp. For me, this trabecular bone lamp is the perfect combination of "medical meets design". Due to its complex structure, it is only possible to print this design via 3d printing. Knowing this, I went to look for a nice dataset which I could use to make the design. Once I found one, I realized I was too clumsy in 3D model software to edit this set. So I asked one of my friends, who's a biomedical engineer, to help me adapting the dataset to a nice square that could be used for the lamp."

The 6 Geekiest 3D prints of, like, all time

(Thanks, Joris!)