Fancy little "design it yourself" pocketknife

switch.jpgIf you've ever purchased a Swiss army knife, you know the hardest part of choosing your knife is just figuring out which one fits your needs best.

Do you need this blade or that saw? A magnifying glass or a USB stick? Corkscrew or scissors?

Well, what if you didn't have to choose? Quirky is selling an interesting take on this idea with the Switch:

Switch is the ultimate modular pocketknife, with 17 different attachments so you can mix and match your most frequently used tools. Customize your Switch's width by swapping out the inner axles, or group your tools into different "themes" — home, office, outdoors, etc.

It's not dirt cheap, but then again, a quality Swiss army knife isn't either. I'd be interested to see one in person, the concept images are nice, but a real photo would be a bit more informative. Check it out here.