Evolution Control Committee's 'All Rights Reserved': Old school mashup


Evolution Control Committee's new compilation collects all the cool stuff they have released in bits and pieces over the last few years. Who knew we'd reach a point where there were mashup nostalgia acts! It's hard to believe ECC has not been sued into oblivion since their seminal Rocked by Rape* single took aim at how the mainstream news packages fear for consumption (between similarly-themed television commercials). Well, Dan Rather is retired, but ECC is still here in all their parodic/fair-commenting glory. If you haven't heard them before, "Stairway To Britney" is hard to beat in the mashup pantheon, and "Pwn Monkey" blends Jonathan Coulton's "Code Monkey" with a manic pastiche of samples not seen since Paul's Boutique. They even start the album with a funny EULA-pimping "Listener License Agreement" track. You can find ECC on Amazon, iTunes, most major P2P sites, or below. They're doing live shows to support the album, too, so check it out.

All Rights Reserved RELEASED! (via bootiemashup)

*Imma let you finish, but "Rocked by Rape" is the greatest mashup of all time.