Highlights from AAAS: More great stuff from around the Web


The hills are alive with the sounds of science! I've found lots of fascinating stories based on the lectures and panel discussions from last week's American Association for the Advancement of Science conference. In this post, I've linked to a bunch I think you'll really enjoy. If there's great stuff that I missed, mention it in the comments!

The image above comes from a line of truly awesome T-shirts that make me wish AAAS was the sort of casual event where I could wear a T-shirt and not look like a slacker.

•New Scientist: Religion, society, and the hunt for extra-terrestrial life

•Time: The Natural Debt Crisis: Learning to live within our means

•The Guardian: Seaweed as a source of new malaria drugs

•Uncertain Principles blog: Fracking Annoying—a tone-deaf panel on natural gas drilling

•80 Beats blog: Bilingual brains resist dementia

•The Forum on Science, Ethics, and Policy: A panel on the benefits and detriment of GM crop regulations

•NASA: Cleaning up black carbon and methane to reduce short-term impacts of climate change

•The Guardian: Mice engineered to help us understand why humans stutter

•The Guardian: Bears in Space—How scientists are applying the lessons of hibernation to humans

•CNN: Better than a 3-D printer—Printing skin onto open wounds

•Discovery News: Scientists stand up for animal testing

•Baltimore Science News Examiner: Using gaming to teach people about the risks of climate change

•Science News: Climate-specific genetics

•Scientific American: How many people can the Earth really support?

•Science magazine: Transcript of a live conversation with robotics researchers

•Scientific American: Why are Americans so ill-informed on the topic of climate change?