Inventables: new material gizmos by and for inventors

Inventables, "the innovator's hardware store," sells a wide and astonishing variety of inspriring gadgets and components that make use of new materials. Examples from the front page include "Thin semi-transparent metal covering film," "Hand Moldable Plastic," "Suction Cup Tape," "Translucent Concrete," "Bendable Wood" and "Friction Damping Pouch." The materials are largely created by small-time inventors who sell through the site, a kind of Etsy for new material science hackers.

Certainly you've seen spray paint with a perfect looking chrome cap on the shelf at a store, and maybe you even bought some, only to spray it and find out it's simply silver paint. These companies use a "real" chrome process on the caps in an attempt to deceive you into thinking you have bought something that will produce that result.

Chrome Spray Paint has a high output–double that of normal aerosols. It utilizes a larger spray fan and has excellent atomization. In addition, there's no pressure drop during application. Use it to produce quality automotive coatings.

This product offers both time and labor savings, as there is no paint mixing, spray gun preparation, or clean up thinner involved. This product has less overspray cleaning and polishing time, saving additional time and material costs.


(via Super Punch)