Tips from a "prolific dumpster diver"

A self-described "prolific dumpster diver" in the UK was mass-interviewed on Reddit yesterday, and wrote some detailed, intriguing, and potentially useful descriptions of how he lives and thrives on trash:

Besides food, what are some of the other products that you come across most frequently and use?

Nothing has such a short shelf-life as food, so other things don't get come across really that regularly. Charity shops are always VERY varied so not much same-ness there, except for foot bath/massagers. Oddly I see one at least every couple of months. CRT TVs are common, as are george foreman-style grills. Toiletries are pretty common, and there is waaaaay too much washing powder/liquid for us to use as it apparently leaks often. Flowers are really really common, we always have fresh flowers on the kitchen table and I'm gradually adding the kind of pot-plants you get in a supermarket to our small garden…
Yep, the supermarket tends to throw out £50 worth of flowers per week! Currently we have three bouquets of lillies in the house.

IAmA prolific dumpster diver. I have not bought any food for the last 6 months. AMA!