Manymals hanging animal pendants



Markus Diebel is a former IDEO design director who is currently the VP of design for InCase. On the side, he created Manymals, an ingenious and lovely line of necklace pendants representing animals that hang in the natural world. Above is the bat and sloth. Also available, a snake, koala, and gorilla. Markus says:

The original forms are hand-sculpted by me; they are then cast in different materials, hand-polished and packaged in San Francisco. The special packaging is made from 100% recycled-paper pulp, and each package features a story about the Manymal inside. At a presentation of Wild Aid, I met Bo Derek, who encouraged me to support her cause. With part of the proceeds going to Wild Aid, your purchase actually helps the animals whose beauty it captures.

Manymals by Markus Diebel